Retention & Disposal

Retention and Disposal Management

Optional module for 121 standalone or Direct Connect mode operation.

Retention and Disposal Class Maintenance (Creation and editing)
When operating in non direct connect mode, using an Access database, the lower selection tab of the first disposal maintenance screen will display a default Access tab plus the range of supported EDRMS systems for which Disposal data may be created and edited. Switching to different tabs will show the different data entry screens used by the vendors. In the non direct connect mode all data, other than trigger definitions, is stored for all tabs so switching from one tab to another will typically show the same class name, disposal descriptions, etc. Event and trigger definitions and processing concepts vary from vendor to vendor so each must be entered individually. When operating in Direct connect mode, using the API/SDK link for a supported EDRMS vendor, the lower selection tab will show only that vendor and the screen presented will be the one used by that vendor for Disposal operations.

HP RM8.1 disposal maintenance screen as displayed in 121 for both Access and Integrated modes.

Retention and Disposal Class linking - (Connection to terms)
Disposal linking is the task of connecting defined disposal classes to a term in the classification. 121 displays a read only copy of the vendor screen plus a linking management control, actioned by the red down arrow in the screen displays below. Available Disposal classes are then displayed in a list and double clicking on an entry will link that class to the term.

HP RM8.1 disposal linking screen as displayed in 121 for both Access and Integrated modes.

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